dreams that blaze with light.

the other day, one of my mentors invited the women in her current workshop to create a list of five dreams and share them with the group. i wrote the first five things that came into my head, and to be honest, that list was a bit of a combination of a to-do list and a list of dreams, and i ultimately found it uninspiring.

this morning as i was scrolling through facebook, i came across a quote from songwriter leonard cohen which crystallized what was so lackluster about my dream list. although everything on it was something that i deeply want, the language i used didn’t hold the feelings of the dreams.

“there is a blaze of light in every word. it doesn’t matter what you heard: the holy or the broken hallelujah.”–leonard cohen

after i read this quote, i felt this knowing in my heart that i needed to revisit my dream list and put a blaze of light into every word.

the six dreams i am holding close to my heart

  • i want to see the sunrise at the grand canyon.
  • i want a love that feels like safety inside of deep adoration and intimacy, freedom and being all in.
  • i want a thriving, vibrant painting career that brings in at least $5k a month.
  • i want to create and nurture a tribe of women who crave communion and deep connection and are at ease with the messiness of vulnerability.
  • i want to cultivate and nurture a feeling of fierce faith.
  • i want to have an unguarded wide open heart.

which of your dreams blaze with light? let me know in the comments below.



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